The United Territories of America #4

Imperialism in Africa – Europeans believed that they were superior to blacks and should be able to divide up the land in Africa as they pleased because of this belief. King Leopold II of Belgium took resources from Congo, resulting in a poverty-stricken area, not to mention the deaths of thousands; Leopold also forced the people to change their culture and ways of living. It showed how a small group of people, sometimes even only one or two, when given power, can have a tight grasp on places around the world, and also demonstrates what these people can be sometimes willing to do in order to benefit from having control of the places.

Labor vs Big Business – Wealthy businessmen such as Rockefeller and Carnegie cornered off the market and hired many workers on low wages while making immense profits. Workers formed groups like Blood Unions and held strikes to get both better working conditions and higher wages; companies hired people to use force against them to get them to stop. It shows how people from all different places sometimes come together to unknowingly give power to a person.

Native Americans in the West – Eastern settlers wanted to gain more land out west to use for farming, but Native Americans were there and had been there for a long time. The settlers forced the Navajo Indians to migrate over 300 miles and adopt the customs and lifestyle of white civilization. This displayed how people in power will often use force to gain control of places that they want to settle in.

Immigration: Asia – Laws in the US made it extremely difficult for people from Asia to emigrate to the country; American citizens felt that they were stealing jobs and demanded that these laws be put in place.  Once in the United States, it was very difficult for them to gain citizenship. It shows how people in power will appease who they have power over if it means making them more obedient.

Immigration : Europe – People emigrating to the United States from Europe went through a very strict process. Their paperwork had to be absolutely perfect, their health had to be top-notch and, if during questioning, anything at all did not match the given info, they were sent back. It shows how people in power are very reluctant to let people from other places into their realm of power.


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